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I recommend attorney Tom Herald to people often. He has the most professional staff I have ever worked with. The staff was friendly and responsive, and Tom gave gentle, kind guidance through such a difficult time.


The Montes law firm has been very efficient in handling my case, and they have been responsive to both email and phone calls. Tom Herald has handled my case very well.


I was injured in a car accident in April of 2006 when a person ran a red light, which resulted in me being injured. The police report said it was the other drivers fault, and my insurance company even said it was the other guys fault. However their insurance company never paid for the car, my injuries, or ever made me an offer that would come close to the cost of medical expenses, buying a new car, or anything for that matter. With Rachel Montes' expert legal help I was able to have my story told in front of a jury.Now when people say jury, they think that these are the people that put people in prison, or that make bad decisions and other attorneys will try anything to never go to court. Rachel on the other and was never afraid of taking it to a jury trial.From the beginning of the accident, all the way through Jury selection, opening arguments, and right up to the point where she told the jury to decide what should happen, she was absolutely great.When that jury which she expertly selected returned they gave a verdict which even surprised the judge that was overseeing the trial. The jury granted me $77,752.89 for pain and suffering, mental anguish, future medical costs, and future pain and suffering.I will quote one of the lines that she read to the court on this one.First they ignore you,Then they laugh at you,Then they fight you,and Then You Win.Whenever an insurance company ignores you, , and then laughs at you by offering an amount that will still leave you paying for your harms and losses that you recieved becuase of an injury. Call Rachel Montes, She will fight for you, and You WILL win!

Eric C.
Fort Worth, Texas.

This law firm has been very efficient in this case. They have been responsive both email and phone calls. Tom Herald has hand the case very well.
Kristy B.

Rachel Montes’ commitment to my case never wavered. I knew when I hired Rachel that the insurance company was only looking for reasons not to pay my claim. The adjuster had claimed that there was no way that I could have been injured. This was a minor collision. The adjuster said that my treatment was excessive and that it included chiropractic and acupuncture care which juries do not consider as real treatment. The adjuster claimed that juries do not award damages for pain and suffering unless someone is “really” injured, and even then they do not award much. The adjuster claimed that my injuries were from some other wreck. The adjuster even claimed that I was partially to blame for being rear-ended. Despite knowing that it was going to be a fight all the way to finish, Rachel took my case. Rachel believed in me. Rachel believed in my case and did not let their distractions interfere with our pursuit of justice. Along the way, the insurance company tried everything they could to avoid paying my case and to try to get Rachel to drop my case. The adjuster tried to insult us with a $1,000 offer trying to scare us into believing it was more than a Dallas County jury would award. They just kept saying that Dallas County juries do not award damages to the point that you can begin to believe it. The insurance company also threatened to deny coverage on the claim because the defendant was not cooperating since he would not communicate with his attorney, answer discovery, appear for depositions or even for trial. She explained to me that there was a risk that if the defendant does not cooperate, then they may be able to avoid paying my claim. Nevertheless, she continued to pursue my case as though there were no problems. She recognized that they were just making empty threats. When the case finally went to trial, she was the queen of the courtroom. She presented my story in a way that the jury understood who I am and what I have been through. She presented my story in a way that even the defendant’s attorney could not question it. The jury understood it, and despite everything that the adjuster had said, the jury awarded me all of my damages, and even more than we asked for! Thanks to Rachel’s resolve and perseverance, on a case where the adjuster offered me $1,000 before we went to trial, the jury awarded me $56,000.00. However, the fight was not over. After the jury awarded me my damages, the insurance company refused to pay claiming the jury awarded me damages because the defendant did not cooperate. She explained that the insurance company was going to do everything they could to avoid paying the judgment and that they would eventually try to get us to take less than the jury awarded because that is how insurance companies are. She was right. They continued to fight and try to get us to take less than the jury’s award. However, Rachel, went to bat for me again and forced the insurance company to realize that the jury’s award was based upon our evidence and the merits of our case and not because of their problems with the defendant. She forced them to pay and refused to compromise one penny on the jury’s verdict because that was the justice that I deserved and fought for years to get.
Carlos O.

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