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18-Wheeler Accidents

Truck Accident Attorneys Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

The sheer weight, mass and momentum at play in accidents involving large trucks contribute to numerous catastrophic injuries and fatalities on our Texas roadways. Because of these well-known risks, trucking companies and drivers are subject to an array of laws intended to protect our safety. At Montes Law Group, LLP, we know these laws and the critical nuances of truck accident cases.

If you have been injured in an accident with an 18-wheeler or other large commercial truck — or if you have tragically lost a family member — we are experienced in handling catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases. When you contact us, we will move quickly to investigate the scene and evaluate your potential case.

A Comprehensive Approach To 18-Wheeler and Big Truck Cases

Our attorneys are experienced in handling 18-wheeler and big truck cases all across Texas and the united states. Truck accident or "big rig" investigations and litigation can be extremely complex as the truck drivers and trucking companies often falsify documentation to cover up the fact that the company is not properly maintaining the brakes and tires to these trucks.

These investigations frequently involve retrieving satellite and GPS information as well as "black box" and other crash data to re-create the accident and the factors that caused and contributed to the accident. All too often, the truth is that the driver has been driving while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or stimulants, or is suffering from sleep deprivation because the truck driver has been driving for too many hours.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a big truck or 18-wheeler you need to contact an attorney to protect your rights because the truck driver and the trucking company will immediately get their insurance company and attorneys involved to protect them from any claim you may make. However, not every attorney is prepared or equipped to handle these catastrophic cases involving severe spinal injuries, brain injuries, death and other major injuries. You need a lawyer that is experienced and capable of handling your case.

We Stand Up To the Toughest Opposition for You

These cases require prompt investigation. In addition, our firm hires qualified experts to combat these trucking companies and their insurance companies. For a free consultation on your legal options after a trucking accident, please call our Irving-based law firm at 214-522-9401. If we take your case, we will do so on a contingency basis — meaning you will owe no attorney fees unless you obtain a financial recovery.

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