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Wrongful Death Attorneys in Irving 

If you have lost a loved one in a car accident or other tragic event, you may be faced within important decisions, conducting an investigation, preserving critical evidence, or even having to take legal action. This can overwhelm anyone.

We understand that your need to grieve and to care for loved ones is your priority. However, starting a thorough investigation into the incident and preserving usable evidence is essential to your future well-being. Irving personal injury attorney Rachel Montes, along with our caring staff, is well-prepared to take the steps necessary to protect your rights and shoulder the burden for you. You can focus on taking care of yourself and your family after a wrongful death.

Wrongful Death Accident Attorneys With an Excellent Track Record

Wrongful Death AttorneyAt Montes Law Group, LLP, our persoanl injury law firm offers informed counsel on your potential wrongful death case, along with genuine sensitivity and compassion. Our Dallas attorney is a trial-tested lawyer who has recovered millions for the injured and those left behind after negligent wrongful deaths. Our law firm can help you:

  • Complete an accident investigation to prove fault and liability
  • Identify and pursue all applicable insurance coverage and other potential sources of financial recovery.
  • Build cases for maximum settlements or verdicts. We take into account the immediate and long-term damage done. 

Personal Injury Lawyers Pursuing Justice 

We have built a solid reputation for seeing and presenting both the "big picture" and the details of our cases. You can depend on our trial lawyer to help you find definitive answers about who and what caused your loved one's death. Whether the accident was an auto crash, 18-wheeler accident, hazing-related tragedy, construction site accident, or other catastrophic occurrence, we're here to help. 

Our Dallas personal injury attorney will aggressively seek maximum compensation to help you handle medical and funeral expenses, lost wages of the deceased, and other financial and emotional consequences. Where appropriate, we also target other just and meaningful outcomes — such as new policies and safety measures intended to prevent others from suffering as you have. In several drunk driving accident cases, we have taken action to ensure the offender received a sentence reflecting the grievous harm done to a family.

Free Consultation With No Financial Risk

No amount of money or other outcomes can directly lessen your grief. However, we strive to help by investing our skills and energy on your behalf. Dallas attorney Montes and our staff believe you deserve attentive, caring representation that enables you to focus on your family's emotional needs. To request a free evaluation of your case and legal needs, please contact us today.

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