Semi Truck Fatality in Royce City

18 Wheeler Accident

A tragic accident occurred this last week in Royce City, Texas which left a semi truck driver dead and several other individuals injured. According to authorities, the semi truck accident occurred at the 75 mile marker in the westbound IH30 slow lane. In total, three vehicles were involved in the accident: two semi trucks and a passenger vehicle.

Understanding the Details of the 18 Wheeler Accident

At the time of the accident, traffic was already moving slower due to a previous accident. One of the two semi trucks involved in the accident was unable to slow down and read ender the other 18 wheeler, causing serious damage to both vehicles. The driver who was unable to slow his vehicle ultimately lost his life.

Of the remaining vehicles, the driver of the rear-ended vehicle was not injured. The individuals in the passenger vehicle which was also damaged were transported to the hospital for injuries. Police are still investing the cause of this particular incident.

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3 Facts You Should Know About Semi-Trucks

Semi truck on the highway.

18 wheeler accidents and semi-truck accidents can wreak havoc on the lives of drivers and their passengers. Although semi-trucks are all around us on highways across America every day, very few drivers stop to think about practical safety measures they can take to ensure that they don’t increase the risk of injury driving near these large vehicles. Here are a few safety points that everyone should be aware of when they drive near 18 wheelers on the open road.

It Takes Semi Trucks Longer To Slow Down

This may seem like common sense, but it’s essential to remember anytime you are on the road. Cutting off any driver on the highway is bad practice, but cutting off a semi could be devastating, mainly because the large weight of these vehicles means that inertia will carry them farther than other, smaller vehicles after braking. Don’t expect an 18-wheeler to stop quickly if you are driving recklessly in front of them!

Blind Spots Are Real

Blind spots on 18-wheelers are significantly larger than they are on smaller vehicles. Because of this, you always need to be aware of a semi-trucks movements when attempting to pass them in the lane next to them. The truth is this: you may be driving in a semi-truck’s blind spot and not even realize it! Always a keep a close eye on the 18-wheeler and make sure you haven’t inadvertently trapped yourself.

Fatigue is Dangerous

18 wheeler drivers are used to long hours on the road, but this doesn’t mean that they will always be perfectly alert. Any driver can be fatigued and still make the decision to get on the open road, whether they are driving a semi-truck or not! Unfortunately, it just so happens that 18-wheelers are so large that fatigued driving can have even more catastrophic consequences. Stay alert, and make sure you are always monitoring aware of what is going on around you!

DWI Results in Injuries and Arrests

Early Sunday morning, a Dallas resident was arrested for a DWI after he crashed his vehicle into an SUV along the Dallas Parkway. According to reports provided by local authorities, the driver that was arrested was driving a black Nissan Altima at the time of the collision.

Two individuals inside of the SUV were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. At the time of reporting, the conditions of these two individuals had not been released to the public.

In Texas, drivers should always be keenly aware of drunk drivers who may be posing a risk to themselves and others. Although organizations such as TxDOT are continually launching new campaigns to raise awareness about the troubling prevalence of drunk driving on Texas roads, the problem continues to persist.

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