Retired Mansfield Independent School District Superintendent Killed In Motorcycle Crash | Dallas, Texas Personal Injury Attorney Blog

Vernon Newsom (61) the recently retired superintendent for the Mansfield Independent Schooli District was kill in a motorcycle wreck near Geddes, South Dakota. According to police, Mr. Newsom were traveling down Highway 50 on their Honda Gold Wing three-wheel motorcycle known as a trike and attempting to pass a 2-ton grain truck just as the truck made a left turn. In an effort to avoid a collision, Mr. Newsom drove into a ditch and lost control of the motorcycle. Mr. Newsom’s wife Nadyne (62) was traveling as a passenger on the motorcycle, and she is reportedly in critical condition.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as a result of motorcycle accident or a wreck with a commercial vehicle, you should take steps to secure evidence immediately. The fact that the wreck takes place outside of the state of Texas does not mean that you should not hire attorney that is near you. Once the initial investigation is completed and usually with the assistance of expert accident reconstuctionists, it is not usually necessary to hire attorney that is located close to the site of the wreck. Decisions will be made by an attorney as to when a lawsuit should be filed, and where to file the lawsuit. While the county in which the wreck occurred may be a place where the lawsuit can be filed, frequently, there are better locations to file the lawsuit, often times in other states, that may greatly impact the outcome of the case. You need an attorney to conduct a thorough investigation of the wreck, and to help you make decisions about how to best proceed on your. Contact Rachel Montes or Tom Herald of Montes Herald Law Group, LLP. We are located in Las Colinas, Texas (centrally located in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex) and we handle 18 wheeler accidents across the State of Texas as well as across the United States. Call us at (214) 522-9401 for a free, no obligation consultation. Visit our website at for more information about our attorneys and the cases we handle.