Single Car Crash in Grand Prairie Results in One Fatality

Road that cars drive on.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that a single-vehicle crash in Grand Prairie late Friday resulted in the death of one 17-year old passenger. According to the information provided, the accident occurred when the driver of the vehicle collided with a guard rail near State Highway 161. Four additional individuals were in the vehicle, all of whom sustained injuries requiring hospitalization. That being said, none of the other injuries have been reported as life-threatening.

At the time of the initial reporting, no names of the injured vehicle occupants were released. Investigators have also not provided much additional information relating to how or why the crash occurred. Regardless, this tragic accident should act as a grave reminder how important it is to practice the highest level of safety while operating a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, catastrophic accidents can happen all too quickly.

Car Crash Attorneys in Irving

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TxDOT Takes Aim At Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Accident

In an effort to help spread awareness about the dangers of drunk driving, the Texas Department of Transportation has released a new “Faces of Drunk Driving” campaign. According to an official from TxDOT, the campaign is primarily designed to put “real faces” behind drunk driving statistics and help people realize that the dangers posed intoxicated drivers can have a very real impact on their lives.

Not only does the campaign focus on victims of drunk drivers, but it also highlights drivers themselves who have made poor decisions in the past related to driving while intoxicated. Given the fact that the Labor Day holiday weekend has typically been a time when the frequency of drunk driving accidents increases, the release of this new campaign should help spread awareness at a much-needed time.

Learning More About the Drunk Driving Campaign

The campaign will include a wide variety of testimonials in the form of videos, written content and other featured events. Additionally, all of the material produced as part of the campaign will be available in English and Spanish.

As TxDOT quickly reminds us all, a Texan dies in a drunk driving accident every nine hours. At Montes Law Group, we help individuals who have been injured in accidents with drunk drivers get the help, support and compensation they deserve.

3 Must-Read Facts About Drunk Drivers

We all know that drunk driving is a serious problem. No one doubts the danger that drunk drivers pose to other drivers and pedestrians in cities and communities across the country. The truth is, however, that drunk driving is a far more serious problem than any of us can possible imagine. In fact, on a daily basis, 28 Americans die in drunk-driving crashes. If you break down the math on that, that means that someone dies in a drunk-driving related crash every 52 minutes.

Knowledge is always one of the best ways to help protect the people you care about, so here are a few facts about drunk driving that you should know.

Over 250,000 People Are Injured In Drunk Driving Accidents Each Year

Believe it or not, over a quarter-million individuals get hurt by drunk drivers every year. In fact, according to the NHTSA, that number was nearly 290,000 in 2020. This is a breathtaking statistic that should cause every driver to pause. Simply put, you should ALWAYS be on the lookout for drunk drivers.

Almost 10,000 People Are Killed By Drunk Drivers Annually

The CDC has reported that over 10,000 Americans are killed every year by drunk drivers. 10% of those are children. This is not a datapoint to simply read and forget. These 10,000 aren’t just individuals driving drunk. They include sober drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians.

Over 25% of all Auto Accidents Involve Drunk Driving

At least one out of every four vehicle accidents involve a drunk driver. Accidents ranging from casual fender-benders to loss of life are fueled by drivers who are impaired. Yet again, it’s possible to see just how widespread and damaging drunk driving can be for everyone on the road.

If you are the victim of a drunk driving accident, Rachel Montes and the team at Montes Legal Group can help. Our personal injury attorney experience and dedicated professionalism will ensure that you get the support you need every step of the way.

5 Reasons To Discuss Your Accident With A Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

After you have been in accident, one of the last things you want to do is re-live your trauma and deal with any additional stress. This is why so many individuals who have been involved in car accidents, drunk driving accidents, 18 wheeler accidents and other situations that weren’t their fault avoid contacting a lawyer who can help. The simple truth is this: personal injury lawyers can help you bridge the gap between the emotional / physical injuries you have sustained and the financial resources you need to get your life back on track. With that in mind, here are five reasons why you should discuss your accident with a personal injury attorney.

Personal Injury Lawyers Understand the Process

Whether it’s reviewing insurance claims, submitting medical records or reviewing accident reports, personal injury attorneys have the resources and the expertise to make sure that ALL of the details surrounding your accident are handled professionally. Instead of being forced to rely on your own research, you can take advantage of experienced professionals who know exactly what needs to be done. Details will not slip through the cracks!

Experienced Lawyers Can Help Get Rid of the Uncertainty

When you have professional and aggressive representation supporting you, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished. All too often people simply give up pursuing a claim because they are hurting and exhausted. This doesn’t have to be your story. With a trial-ready lawyer in your corner, you can let a professional help shoulder your burden and move forward on the path towards compensation.

Injury Attorneys Don’t Let Insurance Companies Off The Hook

If you’ve filed a claim with an insurance company and it isn’t being addressed in a timely manner, you may find yourself out of work and out of money. The bottom line is this: situations like this are absolutely unacceptable. An experienced attorney can work with you every step of the way to ensure that insurance companies take your case seriously and get you the compensation you deserve.

Accident Lawyers Can Give You A Better Idea of What You Deserve

Instead of just accepting a settlement at “face value”, it’s important to know exactly what type of compensation you should be receiving for your accident. This is where injury attorneys can help. With decades of experience, Rachel Montes and the team at Montes Legal Group will thoroughly review all of the factors in your situation and give you an honest assessment of your case and what you should expect in terms of compensation.

The Team at Montes Law Group Doesn’t Get Paid Unless You Do

At Montes Law Group, none of us get a dime unless our client wins their case. Because of this, our clients can trust that we are doing the best job possible to bring them the results they deserve. Our reputation, and our compensation, are tied directly to how well we serve our clients.

18-Wheeler Accident Leads to Fatality on I-635

On Saturday, a multi-vehicle crash involving an 18-wheeler resulted in the death of one driver. According to authorities who responded to the scene, the driver of the semi-truck was ejected from the vehicle during the crash and was pronounced deceased onsite.

At this time, further details relating to what may have caused the crash have yet to be revealed by authorities. The driver of the semi-truck has also yet to be identified. Information concerning the other drivers has also not been released by local law enforcement. The accident took place at the 3700 block of LBJ Freeway within the TEXpress lanes. The time of the accident was approximately 4:30 PM.

Staying Safe While Driving

Our thoughts and hearts go out to the family of the deceased driver and those individuals who may have been injured at the scene of the crash. Now, more than ever before, staying protected and safe while driving requires constant vigilance, preparation and experience. More information about the accident can be found here.

A Team You Can Turn To After Semi-Truck Accidents

Rachel Montes and the team at Montes Law Group are constantly working hard to help drivers and their loved ones recover after 18-wheeler accidents. No one can predict when a semi-truck accident will turn their life upside down, but the team at Montes Law Group will be there to help you move forward.

5 Facts Drivers Should Know About 18-Wheelers

Interior of a semi truck

On a daily basis, drivers across North Texas find themselves commuting alongside large 18-wheelers. Although it’s almost impossible to avoid finding yourself in close proximity to one of these huge vehicles, it’s essential that you understand how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your vehicle.

Staying informed is always the first step on the path to staying safe, which is why we’ve compiled five important statistics that every driver should know about 18-wheelers and big rig accidents before they head out on the road.

There are over 3.5 million 18-wheeler drivers on the road annually.

The odds of you finding yourself in a situation where you need to drive defensively and vigilantly near a semi-truck is high. With millions of truckers driving on American highways throughout the year, there’s no excuse for not taking the necessary precautions to be safe on the road.

Almost 5% of Semi-Trucks Are Carrying Hazardous Materials

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, provides overviews of the type of cargo that big-rig trucks in North Texas and across the United States are carrying. According to their statistics, well over 500,000 semi-trucks carry hazardous materials, and thousands of these are involved in crashes.

The drivers in close proximity to these vehicles risk exposure to the dangerous substances being transported, which is all the more reason to stay vigilant, aware and safe while driving!

Over the Past Decade,  Semi-Truck Accidents Have Increased By Over 50%

As the number of truck drivers continues to increase, the number of accidents is, unfortunately, increasing as well. It is important for drivers to realize that 18-wheeler accidents are not “once-in-a-lifetime” incidents and, instead, happen multiple times on a daily basis across the country.

One Out of Every Eight Trucking Accidents is Fatal

Trucking accidents don’t just happen often; they also result in a significant loss of life. Due to the size and speed of these vehicles, wrecks involving 18-wheelers are typically just “fender-benders”. This is yet another reason why it is so important to stay alert on the road. Simple mistakes can create catastrophic results. 

Semi-Truck Accidents Can Be Caused By A Variety of Factors

We often hear about truck drivers working long hours, but fatigue isn’t the only factor contributing to semi-truck accidents. According to the FMSCA, truck driver fatigue accounts for approximately 13% of all trucking accidents. The remainder are due to a variety of other factors, including equipment failure, vehicle maintenance issues and other technical problems.

Rachel Montes Is Ready To Help Semi Truck Accident Victims in North Texas

Rachel Montes and the Montes Law Group are committed to providing drivers with the resources and support they need following big rig accidents and semi-truck accidents across Irving and North Texas. If you or a loved one have been injured by a semi-truck, call us today at (214) 522-9401 for a no-obligation case evaluation.