3 Must-Read Facts About Drunk Drivers

We all know that drunk driving is a serious problem. No one doubts the danger that drunk drivers pose to other drivers and pedestrians in cities and communities across the country. The truth is, however, that drunk driving is a far more serious problem than any of us can possible imagine. In fact, on a daily basis, 28 Americans die in drunk-driving crashes. If you break down the math on that, that means that someone dies in a drunk-driving related crash every 52 minutes.

Knowledge is always one of the best ways to help protect the people you care about, so here are a few facts about drunk driving that you should know.

Over 250,000 People Are Injured In Drunk Driving Accidents Each Year

Believe it or not, over a quarter-million individuals get hurt by drunk drivers every year. In fact, according to the NHTSA, that number was nearly 290,000 in 2020. This is a breathtaking statistic that should cause every driver to pause. Simply put, you should ALWAYS be on the lookout for drunk drivers.

Almost 10,000 People Are Killed By Drunk Drivers Annually

The CDC has reported that over 10,000 Americans are killed every year by drunk drivers. 10% of those are children. This is not a datapoint to simply read and forget. These 10,000 aren’t just individuals driving drunk. They include sober drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians.

Over 25% of all Auto Accidents Involve Drunk Driving

At least one out of every four vehicle accidents involve a drunk driver. Accidents ranging from casual fender-benders to loss of life are fueled by drivers who are impaired. Yet again, it’s possible to see just how widespread and damaging drunk driving can be for everyone on the road.

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