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Car Plows Into Dallas Home After Crash

By Rachel E. Montes posted in Cars Crash Into Homes and Businesses on Sunday, June 7, 2009

A car smashed into a Dallas house after a two-car crash on La Prada and Oates on the morning of June 7, 2009. Investigators said the impact of the crash sent one vehicle across the front yard and into a garage door. No one was injured.

Dallas police have not disclosed whether they are considering this a possible drunk driving case. However, all too frequently car wrecks such as this tend to involve either a drunk driver or an elderly driver that becomes confused and unable to control the vehicle. For example,

Michael Bentley, 21, of Roanoke, was killed in February of 2009 when a 20-year-old Grapevine man crashed into a sign at First Presbyterian Church of Grapevine. The crash occurred on a Sunday night as the driver of a 2006 Ford Focus lost control of the Ford Focus he was driving, and it flipped before hitting the church sign. The driver was held by Grapevine police suspicion of intoxication manslaughter.

In April of 2008, SMU student China Stone was lying on her sofa when Brian Adams, a neighbor, drove his SUV through the front entrance of Stone’s residence. The crash threw Stone’s body from the sofa and pinned Stone against the wall. Stone was hospitalized as a result of the incident while police arrested Mr. Adams for suspicion of intoxication assault.

Near San Diego, California, an elderly driver pulling into a parking spot at a Tierrasanta medical building was unable to put her foot on the brake. As a result, the vehicle she was driving crashed into the lobby of the building, striking a man. The accident occurred two weeks ago, but police will recommend the 89-year-old driver be charged with vehicular manslaughter after the man died due to his injuries.

In New York, an elderly man, (78), lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a building hosting a Hanukkah party for New York families on Thursday, injuring 14 people, according to police.

On June 5, 2009 in Somerset, Massachusetts, a car slammed into a medical supply store. An elderly driver was behind the wheel when he apparently “confused the accelerator with the brake pedal, and jumped the curb, hit the building about four feet off the ground.” The impact caved in the front window and his car ricocheted off the building.” The NBC news affiliate in that area reported that this was the third accident this week involving an elderly driver. Earlier that week, an elderly woman was behind the wheel of a van that plowed into a crowd of people at a war memorial in Plymouth. The day before, an elderly driver smashed a car into a Wal-Mart in Danvers. As is usually the case following one of these horrifying crashes, people in the area question whether drivers should be required to be re-tested in order to maintain a driver’s license after the driver reaches a certain age.

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