Grand Prairie Motorcycle Crash Results in One Fatality

motorcycle rider

Last Wednesday, a traffic accident in Grand Prairie resulted in the death of one motorcycle rider. According to reports provided by the authorities, the traffic accident in question occurred at approximately 5:45 PM. The motorcycle rider was traveling south-bound on Lake Ridge when they were unable to maintain control of the vehicle and subsequently crashed into a rail.

Authorities arriving at the scene of the crash quickly assessed the situation and transported the motorcycle rider – a 60 year-old male – to a local hospital. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

While the accident remains under investigation, it is also important to note that no other vehicles were involved. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office has announced that they will release the name of the deceased rider.

Keeping Motorcycle Riders Safe

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Speeding Driver Crashes Into Police Vehicles

On Saturday morning, September 11th, a 56-year old man driving a Buick LeSabre crashed his vehicle into a police squad car on E. Northwest Highway. According to reports provided by police, the driver of the LeSabre “failed to control his speed and impacted into the back rear of the squad car”, which subsequently pushed the vehicle into the back of the next squad car.

Car accidents in Dallas such as these can easily result in serious injuries or fatalities, particularly when a vehicle crashes into stationary vehicles. Fortunately, none of the police officers involved in the incident were injured, although the police officer sitting in the parked car which was initially impacted by the driver was taken to the hospital out of precaution.

Learning More About the Recent Car Crash Accident

At the time of the initial reporting, the name of the speeding driver had not been released to the public. Incidents such as these remind all of us how important it is to always practice defensive driving and situational awareness, even in moments where vehicles are stationary and / or parked.

Car Crash Lawyers Who Are Ready To Help

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Over Woman’s Death In Winter Storm

The winter storm which rocked Texas in the early months of 2021 left a wake of destruction and, unfortunately, death. Following the devastating power outages across the state, many vulnerable individuals were left in precarious predicaments. Unfortunately, loss of life occurred. Some Texas residents have decided to use the legal system to demand justice for loved ones who suffered during these unprecedented times.

Colinda Meza, a resident of Austin, has filed a lawsuit against Austin Energy and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), claiming damages of $1 million after her mother, Connie May Richey, died during the freeze. According to Colinda, Connie’s urinary catheter froze during 4-days of power loss. According to statements from Austin Energy made during the freeze, power outages would not exceed 40 minutes.

Gross Negligence and Wrongful Death

Colinda Mesa’s attorneys have claimed that Austin Energy and ERCOT exhibited “gross negligence” during their handling of the storm. Although lawyers fro Austin Energy and ERCOT have not issued their own statements, it seems likely that we will be hearing more about this lawsuit as it unfold.

In total, over 210 individuals died during the Texas freeze. Not all of these were due to exposure to sub-freezing temperatures, however. Vehicle accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning, and falls are just a few of the other tragic accidents which led to loss of life during this devastating weather event.

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A Brief History of Labor Day

United States Flag

Labor Day is tomorrow, and many Americans across the country are settling in for a day of rest and quality time with loved ones and friends. While it’s easy to get swept up in the appeal of a rare “free Monday” away from work, it’s also very worthwhile to take a moment to understand just how exactly Labor Day came to exist!

It all began with a street parade in New York City in September of 1882. That year, a number of labor unions in the city came together as an act of solidarity and to call awareness to the challenges and triumphs of the labor movement in America. Although the event started quite small (it is estimated that it began with roughly 200 attendees) it blossomed to well over 20,000 people marching near City Hall in Manhattan.

From Street Parade to Federal Holiday

By 1894, Labor Day was officially a federal holiday! Since then, a wide variety of changes have been made on both a federal and state level as part of an effort to further codify the rights of workers in the United States. Many elements of modern work that we take for granted – a five-day work week; 40 hours of work being equivalent to full-time employment; paid time off – all of these are byproducts of continued support of labor and working class rights in the United States.

Now, we tangibly celebrate the efforts of past advocates by stepping away from work on Monday. That being said, it is always humbling to remember just how much work it has taken to get this far, and how much work is left to go for all workers in America!

From the entire team at Montes Law Group, we wish you a Happy Labor Day!