Speeding Driver Crashes Into Police Vehicles

On Saturday morning, September 11th, a 56-year old man driving a Buick LeSabre crashed his vehicle into a police squad car on E. Northwest Highway. According to reports provided by police, the driver of the LeSabre “failed to control his speed and impacted into the back rear of the squad car”, which subsequently pushed the vehicle into the back of the next squad car.

Car accidents in Dallas such as these can easily result in serious injuries or fatalities, particularly when a vehicle crashes into stationary vehicles. Fortunately, none of the police officers involved in the incident were injured, although the police officer sitting in the parked car which was initially impacted by the driver was taken to the hospital out of precaution.

Learning More About the Recent Car Crash Accident

At the time of the initial reporting, the name of the speeding driver had not been released to the public. Incidents such as these remind all of us how important it is to always practice defensive driving and situational awareness, even in moments where vehicles are stationary and / or parked.

Car Crash Lawyers Who Are Ready To Help

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