MORE BICYCLE CRASHES ON DALLAS BIKE TRAILS | Dallas, Texas Personal Injury Attorney Blog

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 there were two bicycle accidents on bike trails in Dallas. The first incident involved a pedestrian and a cyclist who collided at Dalgreen and West Lawther. Just a few hours later, two cyclists crashed at West Lawther Drive and Kimberly Lane involving Ken Kristofek (43) was T-boned by another cyclist who allegedly ran a stop sign. These accidents come only 2 weeks after Lauren Huddleston (28) passed away from injuries she sustained in a crash with a cyclist while she was jogging on the Katy Trail.

Mr. Kristofek, a former professional cyclist and father of two, was wearing a helmet at the time of his incident. Still, Mr. Kristofek was transported to Baylor Hospital and treated for a concussion as he was knocked unconscious in the incident. These biking accidents can involve significant force as the impact in Mr. Kristofek’s case was strong enough to crack the carbon frame of his bike, along with his helmet.

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