TxDOT Takes Aim At Drunk Driving

In an effort to help spread awareness about the dangers of drunk driving, the Texas Department of Transportation has released a new “Faces of Drunk Driving” campaign. According to an official from TxDOT, the campaign is primarily designed to put “real faces” behind drunk driving statistics and help people realize that the dangers posed intoxicated drivers can have a very real impact on their lives.

Not only does the campaign focus on victims of drunk drivers, but it also highlights drivers themselves who have made poor decisions in the past related to driving while intoxicated. Given the fact that the Labor Day holiday weekend has typically been a time when the frequency of drunk driving accidents increases, the release of this new campaign should help spread awareness at a much-needed time.

Learning More About the Drunk Driving Campaign

The campaign will include a wide variety of testimonials in the form of videos, written content and other featured events. Additionally, all of the material produced as part of the campaign will be available in English and Spanish.

As TxDOT quickly reminds us all, a Texan dies in a drunk driving accident every nine hours. At Montes Law Group, we help individuals who have been injured in accidents with drunk drivers get the help, support and compensation they deserve.

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