5 Facts Drivers Should Know About 18-Wheelers

On a daily basis, drivers across North Texas find themselves commuting alongside large 18-wheelers. Although it’s almost impossible to avoid finding yourself in close proximity to one of these huge vehicles, it’s essential that you understand how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your vehicle.

Staying informed is always the first step on the path to staying safe, which is why we’ve compiled five important statistics that every driver should know about 18-wheelers and big rig accidents before they head out on the road.

There are over 3.5 million 18-wheeler drivers on the road annually.

The odds of you finding yourself in a situation where you need to drive defensively and vigilantly near a semi-truck is high. With millions of truckers driving on American highways throughout the year, there’s no excuse for not taking the necessary precautions to be safe on the road.

Almost 5% of Semi-Trucks Are Carrying Hazardous Materials

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, provides overviews of the type of cargo that big-rig trucks in North Texas and across the United States are carrying. According to their statistics, well over 500,000 semi-trucks carry hazardous materials, and thousands of these are involved in crashes.

The drivers in close proximity to these vehicles risk exposure to the dangerous substances being transported, which is all the more reason to stay vigilant, aware and safe while driving!

Over the Past Decade,  Semi-Truck Accidents Have Increased By Over 50%

As the number of truck drivers continues to increase, the number of accidents is, unfortunately, increasing as well. It is important for drivers to realize that 18-wheeler accidents are not “once-in-a-lifetime” incidents and, instead, happen multiple times on a daily basis across the country.

One Out of Every Eight Trucking Accidents is Fatal

Trucking accidents don’t just happen often; they also result in a significant loss of life. Due to the size and speed of these vehicles, wrecks involving 18-wheelers are typically just “fender-benders”. This is yet another reason why it is so important to stay alert on the road. Simple mistakes can create catastrophic results. 

Semi-Truck Accidents Can Be Caused By A Variety of Factors

We often hear about truck drivers working long hours, but fatigue isn’t the only factor contributing to semi-truck accidents. According to the FMSCA, truck driver fatigue accounts for approximately 13% of all trucking accidents. The remainder are due to a variety of other factors, including equipment failure, vehicle maintenance issues and other technical problems.

Rachel Montes Is Ready To Help Semi Truck Accident Victims in North Texas

Rachel Montes and the Montes Law Group are committed to providing drivers with the resources and support they need following big rig accidents and semi-truck accidents across Irving and North Texas. If you or a loved one have been injured by a semi-truck, call us today at (214) 522-9401 for a no-obligation case evaluation.

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