Dallas High School Girls Being Hazed in Big Sis-Lil Sis Program | Dallas, Texas, Personal Injury Attorney Blog

High school girls attending Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas report being hazed as part of the “Big Sis – Lil Sis” program at the school. The program is designed to help freshmen girls be mentored by junior girls and to encourage the girls to get to know the school and each other better. Recently, however, one of the freshmen girls involved in the program has reported that she and the other freshmen girls were forced for several hours (under the guise of “tradition”) into uncomfortable situations that included the following:

  • Underage drinking
  • Smoking marijuana
  • Pole-dancing on street signs
  • Being photographed while giving lap dances to boys
  • Yelling obscenities at fast-food drive-through windows
  • Being covered with eggs, flour, mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise
  • Being forced to take off their bras and wear them around their necks while running through sprinkler systems in their pajamas.
  • Simulating oral sex, at time with older high school boys watching

The Dallas Independent School District said that the information has been reported to the proper authorities and that an investigation is being conducted.

Being “tradition” does not make hazing actions right or legal. If these events truly are a tradition of this “Big Sis – Lil Sis” program, many other young girls have been subjected to this hazing. Not only is hazing a crime in Texas and in most other states, but it is also a violation of the Code of Conduct of most schools and universities. As a result, the girls who participate in this behavior are risking both criminal prosecution and disciplinary action from the school.

If you or a family member have lost a loved one due to a hazing incident or a suspected hazing incident, we encourage you to take prompt action by reporting the incident to the appropriate legal and school authorities, investigating the matter with the assistance of an experienced attorney familiar with hazing cases, and knowing your rights.

Very few law firms have experience with handling these cases. Rachel Montes has represented families in the area that are victims of hazing. Although we are located in Irving, Texas (Dallas/ Fort Worth area), our team accepts hazing cases from any state, including California.