Three Questions To Ask Your Lawyer (Part II)

If you’ve followed our first blog in this series, you’ll know that we are serious about helping individuals know how to get the information they need to make smart decisions when they hire an injury lawyer. Finding legal representation when you are hurt or afraid can be difficult. With that in mind, we’re taking the time to break down and analyze some of the important questions you should be asking accident lawyers when you discuss your case with them.

Will I Owe My Lawyer Money If I Lose My Case?

We discussed the concept of contingency fees in our previous blog post, but what we’ll discuss now is what are commonly called “out-of-pocket” costs. These expenses commonly accrue when injury attorneys are advancing case-related expenses during the preparation for trial. If you win your case, it is quite likely that the contingency fees will cover these expenses. However, it is incredibly important for you to ask your accident attorney who is responsible for paying any out-of-pocket costs if a settlement cannot be reached and trial jury does not rule in your favor.

Which Injury Attorney Will Handle My Case?

If you are planning on working with a law firm that has multiple attorneys, it may be up to you to press the law firm on who will actually be representing you during the legal proceedings. It’s a common marketing tactic for law firms to bring out their highly experienced senior-level attorneys to discuss a client’s case with them, at which point the client signs up and they are assigned a junior-level attorney. Make sure you know exactly who you will be working with, and be certain that you are comfortable with them and that you trust them!

Do You Have References?

An experienced personal injury attorney should have many references and various forms of feedback from previous clients. If an attorney is unwilling or unable to provide you with testimonials from previous clients, this could be a red flag. At Montes Law Group, you can find many client reviews at our website

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