wo Dallas Neighborhoods Given “Most Dangerous” Status by the FBI | Dallas, Texas Personal Injury Attorney Blog

Two of the Top 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods are located in Dallas, according to a recently released study of FBI crime statistics. The neighborhoods include:

9th Most Dangerous Neighborhood in the United States: Route 352 at Scyene Road

12th Most Dangerous Neighborhood: 2nd Avenue and Hatcher Street.

The study ranked the danger in a neighborhood by calculating the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents in a census tract, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Only Cincinnati, Miami, Kansas City, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Memphis had worse showings.

In Texas, a business owner is supposed to take reasonable efforts to protect their customers from violent crime that occurs on their premises. These rankings should put businesses on alert of the need to take additional efforts to protect their customers from the risk of violent crime. Typically, those measures include security patrols, additional lighting, and video monitoring of the premises. When a business is or should be aware of an unreasonable risk of harm to its customers and fails to take action to protect its customers and employees, the business can be determined to be negligent in providing a safe work place for its employees or negligent in providing adequate security measures to protect its customers from a risk that it knew or should have known about, the business can be held liable for its proportionate amount of legal responsibility for incidents when customers are injured or killed as a result of a violent crime on that took place, in whole or in part on the premises. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured while on a business premises, contact Montes Herald Law Group, LLP for a free consultation of your case. Visit our website www.MontesLawGroup.com to learn more about our firm.

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