The University of Colorado at Boulder is investigating a possible hazing incident involving the Alpha Phi sorority. The alleged incident happened about a week and a half ago. Authorities say it involved members of the sorority forcing underage freshmen girls to drink.

CU says the Office of Student Affairs has launched a dual investigation into the sorority Alpha Phi.

This is not the first time the Alpha Phi sorority has been investigated for hazing. In February, 2010, a student fell off the roof of the same sorority after being intoxicated as part of a hazing incident. The female student fell 19 feet, breaking several bones and suffering internal injuries.

Colorado University has taken a much stronger stance against hazing since a 2004 hazing death involving Gordon Bailey of Dallas, Texas, and a freshman at CU who died of alcohol poisoning after a hazing incident involving the Chi Psi fraternity. That incident led to an investigation of the fraternity and a lawsuit against the members of the fraternity as well as the national chapter of the fraternity, and a promise by the fraternity to use the story of Gordon Bailey’s death to educate pledges and fraternity members about the dangers of hazing, alcohol abuse, and alcohol poisoning.

While no one died in this incident, there is still reason to be concerned about any hazing as hazing can quickly escalate and lead to serious injuries or deaths in ways that these students don’t anticipate. These rituals and traditions of forced alcohol consumption are typically only part of the story that these groups work hard to prevent others from discoverying.

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