18 Wheeler Accidents in Texas Increasing

A recent report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has revealed a troubling statistic regarding Texas roads. In 2020, NHTSA logged over 4,000 fatal road accidents involving big rigs and semi trucks. The precise number, 4,134, represents a serious safety hazard for drivers of all vehicles across the Lone Star State.

This is not the only troubling statistic, however. An additional report published by the Texas Department of Transportation has shed light on yet another disturbing data point: the state of Texas leads the nation in road fatalities involving large trucks.

Understanding The Surge In 18 Wheeler Accidents

As America descended from the pandemic, the demand on 18-wheeler drivers and big rig operators increased dramatically. Federal government restrictions on driver operating hours were relaxed in order to help facilitate the rapid deployment of medical supplies across the country. While this certainly helped save the lives of ill patients, it dramatically increased the risk of serious accidents on roadways across the United States.

Although it would initially seem that post-pandemic America would impose less demand on truck drivers, the persistent supply shortages have pressed truck drivers into grueling schedules yet again. The need for a fully functional infrastructure is, of course, important, but it cannot be argued that the risk posed by fatigued 18 wheeler drivers and big rigs will only increase as more hours are put behind the wheel.

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