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A British survey revealed that 41 percent of drivers admitted to trying to flirt with while on the move, and 15 percent conceded they crashed their car or had a near miss because they were distracted by an attractive passerby.

One of the more controversial findings of the survey according to Natalie Grimshare was that “Men were by far the worst culprits.” Half of all men surveyed admitted to flirting with other motorists on the road, compared to just one-third of the women.

The survey failed to account for the vast disparity between the numbers of good looking women versus good looking men!

“We spend a lot of time in our cars,” she said. “Maybe people are seeing their car as an extension of their social life.” Ian Crowder, a spokesman for British auto insurance firm AA, said a lack of concentration on the road can be a huge hazard. He said that crashes do occur because of flirting, but that drivers are usually too embarrassed to admit their mistake. “When you’re behind the wheel you’re in charge of a machine that could kill somebody,” Crowder said. “If you really do want to watch the girls going by, then park up.”

What’s next? Are they going to tell us that texting while driving is dangerous?

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